OUR SAHIMO FOR 02/09/20:
“Now when these things were done, the princes came to me, saying, The people of Israel, and the priest, and the Levites, have not separated themselves from the people of the lands, doing according to their abominations, even of the Ca’naan-ites, the Hit’-tites, the Per’-iz-zites, the Jebu’-u-sites, the Am’-mon-ites, the Mo’-ab-ites, the Egyptians, and the Am’-or-ites. For they have taken of their daughters for themselves, and for their sons; so that the holy seed have mingled themselves with the people of those lands; yea, the hand of the princes and the rulers hath been chief in this trespass. And when I heard this thing, I rent my garment and my mantle, and plucked off the hair of my head and of my beard, and sat down astonied(Ezra 9:1-3).”
We thank God for the love that He has put in our heart to Serve with our SAHIMO this week, after `observing` the British Bank Holiday yesterday, which did not `permit` us to officially Serve with our usual Monday SAHIMO. After the inability to Serve our SAHIMO yesterday, we were in doubt if we would be able to Serve our it at all, this week again. But the love for the work of God from HIM, has compelled us, and has overcome our doubt. Glory be to God. It is our pleasure to do all we can, by His Grace, to MAKE GOD HAPPY WITH US ALL THE TIME, as we labour to help Him prepare souls for The Rapture, and to help relieve unnecessary pressures of life to man, in the little way He may help us to. May you always be a partaker of the little offer we share to bring about these, in Jesus Name.
The writer of our SAHIMO, Eka, would have preferred to write on a different Bible Portion/verses to the one above, if she had her way. The reason for that is that, she is going through a complex situation in her life right now, which can give an occasion for any MISINTERPRETATION by a CARNAL MIND, to the verses above. Even among Christians, who may not be well-tuned to The Spirit of God for CLEAR Messages, whereby He could give him or her, the CORRECT interpretation of WHO GOD REALLY IS, AND WHAT HE CAN DO AT EACH POINT IN TIME, can fall into the temptation of pointing finger at Mandu’s present condition in relation to the verses above. Mandu is praying God for your understanding to be opened in the spirit, and for God to Speak into your heart as an individual, removing any DOUBT in your heart, so that you can benefit from this SAHIMO, and from our past/future Services. We have heard in the past, a few comments when people say that, `THE BIBLE IS COMPLICATED, BECAUSE IT SPEAKS THIS ON THIS VERSE/PORTION, AND SPEAKS A DIFFERENT THING IN ANOTHER PORTION/BOOK`. Well, the enlightenment we have for such people is that, they should first of all pray to God to give them an HUNGER for the Word of God, with an open heart to purpose to DO ALL WHAT GOD WILL TELL THEM TO DO-ALL THEY WILL HEAR AND SEE TO DO. That is a GOOD beginning to UNDERSTANDING THE BIBLE, AND THE BEGINNING TO START EXPECTING THE BLESSINGS THAT FOLLOW THE OBEDIENCE OF THE WORD OF GOD. When God Sees such a heart and such a DESIRE, He will send the Necessary UNDERSTANDING of His Word that such individual needs. We read of a man in the Bible, who was not born into the Jewish culture of having the word of God constantly before them. There was no person in this man’s family to teach him the Commandments of God, so he was not opportune to know about the Law of God. But this man was THRISTY for God’s Word, and one day, whilst on a journey, through a desert place, he had an opportunity to find a Bible. He opened the Bible and read a place that is difficult to understand, even by some people who might have been attending Churches and might have heard it read many times, today. Whilst this man was struggling to understand the verses in the portion of the Bible that he reading, God had long prepared somebody that would help him out with the interpretation. The ALL-SEEING AND THE ALL-KNOWING GOD, The Omniscient God, Who Sees the end from the beginning, had already known that this man, on that day, would need help. That very day, Phillip, one of Jesus’ Disciples, was going somewhere, but The Spirit of God Directed him to pass through this desert place. As Phillip got to where this man was, and saw him reading, The Spirit of God Spoke to him that he should draw near the man and helped interpret that message from the Word of God to him. Phillip OBEYED, helped interpret the portion of the Bible to him, and used the opportunity to PREACH the Gospel of Jesus Christ to him too. The man LISTENED, BELIEVED AND RECEIVED SALVATION TO HIS SOUL. HALLELUJAH! As he was following Phillip away from the desert place, he saw a pool of water, and asked Phillip what could hinder him from being Baptised in water, which Biblical Doctrine, Phillip must have included whilst he was preaching to him. This man had the DESIRE to do everything The Word of God told him to do. What a BEAUTIFUL heart, the type of heart that can get all the blessings that are in The Gospel, here on earth, and mostly, THE GREATER BLESSING OF WEARING THE CROWN OF GLORY, IN HEAVEN!!! Philip Baptized him, after the man’s TRUE revelation of his CONVERSION. Does the world still have `PHILLIPS` today, who HAD THE SPIRIT OF GOD IN HIM, LISTENED DAILY TO THAT SPIRIT, AND OBEYING THE SPIRIT’S INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE GLORY OF GOD AND FOR THE SALVATION OF MANKIND? Does the world still have `The Ethiopian Eunuch` today, who DESIRED FOR THE TRUTH AND PURE WORD OF GOD, WITH ALL INTENTION TO BELIEVE, AND OBEY INSTANTLY, WHENEVER GOD REVEALED THE TRUTH TO HIM? May God give us such people today, and in Abundant. Amen.
Let us touch a little bit on the Bible verses above. God Instructed the children of Israel, as they were journeying to the promised Land, that they should not inter-marry when they got to Canaan and settled down. They Canaanites were persistent idol-worshippers, and that was the reason, or one of the reasons God was angry with them, and decided to wipe them away from the land. God did tell the children of Israel to destroy every one of the Canaanites in the future. and take up all the cities. But He also Instructed them not to destroy all of them in one day or at one season, so that the cities would not stink for the reason of dead bodies. Therefore, God knew there would be `left-overs` still alive, of the Canaanites-the people of Canaan. It was these remaining Canaanites that would be left in the land, that God earlier instructed Israel NOT TO MARRY-not to give their male children, to the Canaanites’ women, and not to give their females children, to Canaanites males for marriage. To make the matter worse, the children of Israel did not completely destroy the Canaanites, as God instructed them to do in the far future. They left some cities full of the Canaanites with them, permanently. They later were tempted by the Canaanites dwelling among them, and began to inter-marry. But before some of them fell into this temptation, they did obey God and did not inter-marry for many years. The reason that made God to give them this instruction not to inter-marry, was that, Israel be NOT LURED AWAY BY THEIR FOREIGN/IDOLATROUS SPOUSES, FROM WORSHIPPING THE TRUE GOD, INTO WORSHIPPING THE MAN-MADE god OF THE CANAANITES.
Our Bible portion/verses bring out the reaction of the true Prophet of God, Ezra, when the news came to him that some of the people in Israel, had started to disobey God and had started to marry the Canaanites! The news could not be more sorrowful and more bitter, when Ezra was told that, this DISOBEDIENCE ACTUALLY INCLUDED THE RULERS AND THE PRINCES IN ISRAEL, WHO WOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER, AND SHOWED THE REST THE GOOD EXAMPLE! You do not have to be a RULER in the Church, or occupy an `important` position in the Church, before your heart can BREAK when you see an ACT from the source that it ought not to come from! If your sins are forgiven, your soul wholly SANCTIFIED, and be BAPTIZED WITH THE HOLY GHOST AND FIRE, making you to live a VICTORIOUS LIFE OVER SIN, DAILY, if you reach this LEVEL, you will surely include in your daily prayers, GRACE to bear the GRIEF and anguish that your heart may go through from time to time, when your eyes and ears, hear and behold the EVIL that Satan has brought into the world, especially, into The Churches around the world! May the world no longer wrongfully judge The Faithful, Holy and loving God as an UNMERCIFUL GOD, BUT RATHER, JUDGE THE EVILS THAT INDIVIDUAL HAS DECIDED TO RECEIVE FROM SATAN AND PRACTICE, AS A DAILY HOBBY! The truth is, there is still time to hand-back all Satanic properties(practices/life) to the giver/owner-Satan, and receive the wondrous, peaceable and righteous gifts from The Holy God. It is such gifts that will end the RECIEVER in GLORIOUS HOME, after a blessed living on earth! The starting point for these CHOICEST gifts, is to have The Spirit of God in you, and this is made possible at the point of SIN-FORGIVENESS. It is this Spirit in you that will help you to CORRECTLY interpret some `QUESTIONABLE` and `CONFUSING` ISSUES which God, in His Own WISDOM, might see it NECESSARY to bring up, from day to day, or once in a GENERATION Or once in GENERATIONS! The same God that Instructed the children of Israel not to marry from other Nations of the earth, The SAME GOD ONCE INSTRUCTED HIS PROPHET, TO GO AND MARRY FROM ANOTHER NATION, AND THAT, AN HARLOT! Can you conceive that, the PERFECT PLAN OF GOD FOR THAT PROPHET, AND FOR THE PURPOSE HE HAD FOR HIS WORK ON EARTH!! Before that instruction from God to that Prophet, Israel had departed from serving and worshipping Their True God, Jehovah. They were serving man-made gods of the Canaanites, faithfully. They thus PROVOKED GOD TO RIGHTFUL JELOUSY, AND GOD ALSO PROVOKED THEM TO JELOUSY, BY MAKING THEIR PROPHET TO MARRY FROM ANOTHER NATION, A PROSTITUDE! The Harlot had the opportunity to worship the true God of her husband, the Prophet, when the people who supposed to worship Him, departed from Him. Solomon, the wisest man ever lived, had a starling EXPEREINCES WITH GOD, and because of those experiences, Solomon was able to offer a very PROFITABLE ADVICE to that generation, and to the generations following. He said that, `THE WHOLE DUTY OF MAN IS TO FEAR GOD AND TO KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS`. Make that your DESIRE and your `watch-word`. Put in all you can to do what God’s Words Command you to do, and to be where He wants you to be. If you do these, and then at any point in time He sees it necessary to ALTER any part of his word because He wants to Achieve an UNUSUAL RESULT, He knows how to ADJUST your way/heart, a little, in order to achieve this. You WILL SEE THAT YOU HAVE NO PART TO PLAY IN THAT ADJUSTMENT. IT WILL COME TO YOU, NATUARALLY, what you never had planned for, on your own! But before you ACCEPT to go that way, MAKE SURE THE SPIRIT OF GOD IS OVERWHELMINGLY LIVING IN YOUR LIFE, AND THAT HE HAS BEEN HELPING YOU TO VICTOIOUSLY OVERCOME SIN, SATAN, THE FLESH, AND THE WORLD, DAILY. If you are in that STAGE, TRUST your LEADER(The Spirit of God), that He CANNOT MAKE MISTAKE, AND THAT, HE CANNOT MISLEAD YOU. THEN OBEY HIS VOICE DAILY, FOR YOUR CONTINUOUS BLESSINGS, FOR HIS GLORY, FOR SALVATION OF SOULS, FOR PHYSICAL BENEFITS OF THOSE THAT MAY COME IN CONTACT WITH YOU, AND POSSIBLY, FOR THE WHOLE WORLD AT LARGE! God does not CHANGE in His Word(the Bible), so be VERY CAREFUL that you do not listen to Satan, act on his words, and be finally DESTROYED. GET THE RIGHT SPIRIT(The Spirit of God), GET YOUR WAY RIGHT TOO.

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