“Even an heritage unto Israel his servant: for his mercy endureth for ever. Who remembered us in our low estate: for his mercy endureth for ever. And hath redeemed us from our enemies: for his mercy endureth for ever. Who giveth food to all flesh: for his mercy endureth forever. O give thanks unto the God of heaven: for his mercy endureth for ever(Psalm 136:22-26).”
The time is just so perfect for HIM to pause and join the Psalmist to give thanks unto `The GOD OF HEAVEN`, according to our reading passage above! Our reading verses brought out just a very few points to thank God for. But you can read through the whole chapter 136 to see other blessings the Psalmist could mention as bases for his thanks-giving. Even the whole Bible cannot record all the reasons that man should thank God for, each passing moment!! Someone like the writer of our SAHIMO, Mandu, is often dumbfounded when in AWE, she beholds the Mighty Power of God working daily on her behalf, and the EXTREME LOVE of God moving for her victories and wellbeing! Mandu has been fighting some USUAL and UNUSUAL battles for many years now, and she often wonders how far she would have gone with her battles, and how each day’s battle would have ended, were her Mighty God NOT been The Great Man of War, FIGHTING FOR HER! Some time ago, Mandu used to hear people say of her, “SHE’S GOT EVERYTHING”. Some would say, “SHE IS LIVING THE BEST LIFE(best life anybody can have on earth, she believed they meant).” But each time Mandu heard that and had the opportunity to answer, she would totally deny such statement, because she knows within her that, it was/is NOT true. She heard such statement about two weeks ago. Well, you cant blame anyone who may only look at Mandu afar off and only sees, or imagines the good things that engulf her. But that person we believe it is only those who have not had the opportunities to get into Mandu’s life to witness the battles that she is fighting, that would say this.
Are you having some challenges in your life today, and some must have existed over many years till now? But who do you invite into your battles to fight for you? HIM recommends the One Man that fights our battles for us, and has NOT, and will NOT lose in the battle, ever. That means, HIM will always win, or at the least, will WIN all her battles someday. That GREAT Man is JESUS CHRIST, THE GREAT CAPTAIN OF THE HOST OF THE MOST HIGH GOD! He is ready to handle your challenges for you, and you would only have to play a very tiny part in it. That part is OBEDIENCE! He knows which direction is dangerous for you to go, and He warns you not to. When He does give you the warning, you have to OBEY, otherwise, there is a risk for you. He knows the right people to involve in the battle for you, so when He chooses such people for you, and tells you to receive them, you have to OBEY. He knows the right things for you to do in order to cooperate with His efforts to deliver you. So, when He tells you to do this, or do that each day, you have to OBEY, if you want the victory. His Spirit is FAITHFUL to speak to your conscience if you are a sinner, and His Spirit is right within you to SHOW you, SPEAK TO YOU and DIRECT your steps, if you are a Christian. You just have to LISTEN AND OBEY. Why not hand over your WORRIES, YOUR CARE, YOUR BATTLES, GREAT OR SMALL, YOUR HEART, AND YOUR ENTIRE LIFE FOR JESUS TO MANAGE FOR YOU WITHOUT ANY CHARGE! You will be surprised to see that even in the midst of the worst battle in your life, you can still be smiling and be praising God, because you know He is IN-CHARGE, and NO POWER IN HEAVEN OR IN EARTH, CAN DEFEAT HIM OR STOPS HIM FROM GIVING YOU THE DAILY VICTORIES THAT YOU NEED! NO POWER IN HEAVEN AND ON EARTH CAN CUT SHORT YOUR LIFE-SPAN WHEN GOD HAS NOT ENDED IT FOR YOU!!
Let’s have a look at the few blessings that the Psalmist mentions in our reading verses, that man should thank God for: 1) HERITAGE. You may want to read the previous verse before this one, in order to know the type of heritage that the Psalmist meant here. We could not include the verse here because Mandu’s right thumb neatly rested on the 22nd verse for us to begin our SAHIMO with. Always remember how we always get our Bible portion and the reading verses to base the writing of our SAHIMO on. The strategy we always use, is that which we believe is ONLY GOD THAT DOES THE SELECTION OF THE BIBLE PORTION AND THE VERSE FOR US. Heritage, can be anything from landing properties, cash, monuments/symbols, culture, tradition, habit, etc. To our understanding, it means something that someone/relative or even country has left for you or for the following generation to carry on with, or to make use of. Many people inherit different types of things, or leave different types of things for their children/relatives/friends. Can you think of any such things that you are inheriting now? If you have no inheritance, there is ONE, AND THE GREATEST OF ALL INHERITANCES, waiting for you right now. Dont let it go UNCLAIMED! Billions all through the ages have been personally claiming their portions and getting greatly BLESSED by it. Some, through THIS Inheritance, are ENJOYING ETERNITY IN PARADISE now, after a victorious living on earth here! Count yourself in, and start praising God for giving man such inheritance. That Inheritance is the BLOOD-STAINED CROSS that Jesus Christ was hung on, and died to save man from his sinful life, into the righteousness of God. When you repent of your sins, confess them to God, and run out of them all, into God’s Saving GRACE, He will receive you, and if you believe in that Blood for the washing away of those sins, God will do just that for you, as He applies that Blood over your sins. He will forgive you all your sins and makes you a NEW Creature in Christ Jesus. You will receive from Him, the POWER TO LIVE YOUR LIFE ON EARTH WITHOUT SINNING AGAINST GOD ANYLONGER(as long as you strive each day to retain that sin-free life). That is PRECIOUS HERITAGE-THE BLOOD. Your body infirmities can also benefit from this Heritage. 2) The Psalmist was also praising God for `remembering them in their low estate`. Have you ever been in trouble, then you called on God to deliver you, but it seemed your prayers did not get His Attention, then you thought He had forgotten about you? How did you feel, when one day, you cried again to Him, and He suddenly sent you help and deliverance? After you saw that He did not totally forget you, did you too remember to give Him Praise for the victory? Did God’s delay to your prayer teach you that you should always pray, even if it seems God is not answering? Frankly speaking, you should NOT wait until you have something to pray for, before you pray. The Bible says that `man ought always to PRAY, and NOT TO FAINT. Man should `PRAY WITHOUT CEASING`, that is what the Bible says. 3)The Psalmist praised God for the victory over his/their enemies. It is hypocritical saying, when a Christian denies that he or she has not got an enemy. Whether you admit it or not, YOU HAVE GOT AN ENEMY(Satan), and his messengers, including MAN-everybody on earth that knows you, cannot love you and become your friend. When you understand how strong and many these enemies are to you, you will understand that you need a `FRIEND` WHO IS STRONGER THAN ALL YOUR ENEMIES COMBINED TOGETHER, AND THAT FRIEND IS JESUS CHRIST WHO DIED FOR YOU TO PROVE THE TYPE OF FRIEND HE IS TO YOU. You need The Almighty God, Strong enough to Fight and to Win on your behalf. GET THE FRIEND, TODAY, HE IS WAITING FOR YOU. The Palmist’s eye was opened by God to see both his spiritual enemy-Satan, and his human enemies, fighting him and his people, Israel. When the battle was won, David, the Psalmist, did not forget to Praise The Lord God in Heaven. But do you know the enemies that you should dispense all your energy to fight FIRST? They are, SIN, YOUR BODY(Strive to keep your body free from lust and from reproaches of this world), AND THE WORLD WITH ALL ITS POLUTIONS. If you CONQURE these enemies FIRST, all other `enemies, be it SATAN, man or death, will be easily DEFEATED!!! 4) Lastly, the Psalmist gave praises to the MERCIFUL God Who even pays attention to `ALL FLESH`, be it a Saint or a SINNER, and gives everybody FOOD TO EAT! Does that not make it clear to you why The Psalmist ended every reason to thank God for, with, `FOR HIS MERCY ENDURETH FOR EVER`? Who is as merciful as The True God in Heaven! He loves and cares for even His enemy! If you are still in your sins, you are God’s enemy, no matter who you claim to be-a Christian. You cannot make God happy when you are obeying the flesh and cultivating to make your body happy with things that are against God’s pleasure. You cannot obey God and obey also what the flesh commands you to give it. But you cannot also TOTALLY stop obeying the flesh when you have not obtained the power to live without sin at the SALVATION OF YOUR SOUL. Clearly, if you are a sinner, you are directly or indirectly fighting against all, or at least, some of the things that God loves, including HIS TRUE CHILDREN. You may dislike the True Light of the Gospel that may be radiating from the life of purity of God’s true child. You can even begin to persecute that child of God, because of his or pure life that is CONDEMNING your sin. Even if you are still a sinner, try your very best to do away with those sins that are NOT TOO hard to get rid of, and be praying for the power to overcome all manner of sins, soon. God will bless you even for doing this.
Join the Psalmist to PRAISE GOD, EVEN FOR THE BLESSINGS YOU CANNOT SEE. Just believe that life would be worse than what it is to you now, if God were not caring for you. That is NOT to think that He loves your sins, no, you will someday receive punishment for your sin/s, but not in full measure as you should receive here on earth. If you repent of that sin, the punishment can be lesser. And if someday you repent of all your sins and receive forgiveness for them all, then you can make Heaven your Eternal Home too, after this world. Until then, still believe that God love you, and that is why He does not give Satan the permission to afflict you more than necessary. That is why He does not allow Satan to kill you and send you quickly to his kingdom for eternal torment. So many things for you to thank God for. You can appreciate the good thing that a human being does for you, and frankly, you should recognize any good that comes to you from man. It takes EFFORT AND LOVE for someone to think of you and offers you help, especially in the world of today where SELFISHNESS is ruling. But let your Praises and thanks go first to the SOURCE OF ALL GOOD AND PERFECT GIFT, WHICH THE BIBLE SAYS THAT IT IS FROM THE GOD ALMIGHTY IN HEAVEN.


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