HIM Comment on Fun No. 3

HIM Comment on Fun No. 4-`waiting for the pastor...`

Oh!hoo!! But why take it on the pastor?
This could be a good lesson for those `faith-leaders` who are quick to `prophesy` to their congregation or an individual, what God did not send them to. Hatifmandu understands that, many churches today are materialistic , and so attract new members, or keep the old members through pronouncing on them, many material promises. They use fake `prophesis` of money, position, healing and end of barreness to convince the congregation to remain longer in the fold. Worst of all, these destructive churches drain out both the poor and the rich among them, by using all forms of tricks to collect money from them, promising them to reap a hundred times if they would give out to the church. As far as the Bible is concerned, the main responsibility of A LIVING CHURCH is that, the leaders should FEED THE FLOCK WITH THE PURE WORD OF GOD, for `freely they are given(the Word by God), and freely they should give out to the congregation/the world`. Basic means in the Bible for maintaining the Church of God, are through TITHING (the tenth part of an individual income to the church) and a FREE-WILL OFFERING. Free-will offering does not come through persuasion from the leader, it comes when an individual feels the Spirit of God talking to his conscience to do so. These could be once in three months, less or more.
HIM is blessed to belong to a Church that is concerned mainly for the Salvation of souls, in preparation to escape the Lake of Eternal Fire to come. There is no collection plate during or after any of our Meetings! Our Prophesis is THE WHOLE TRUTH THAT IS FOUND IN THE BIBLE, THE BOOK OF GOD.
However, it may please God to give unto some other churches, a prophetic utterances through the leaders of such churches, but first of all, they must be sure such utterances are from God. They would be sure they come from God, when they themselves would have already possessed The Holy Spirit of God through sin-forgiveness and holiness.
However again, each church member should endeavor to acquire too, The Spirit of God in him, Who will help him to reject a `prophesy` that does not confirm with the Word of God in the Bible! Once it conforms with the Word of God in the Bible, sooner or later, that child of God should believe that it will surely come to pass, and should not be wroth with the pastor who was only an instrument, used by God to prophesy it to the member. If the prophesy is delayed, the member and the pastor have the duty to go to God in prayer, because He might have had a good cause for delaying the answer. So boy, destroy your weapon of war, go home and pray!!


HIM Comment on Fun No. 5..`Mama, I'VE FINALLY FOUND BOYFRIEND..`
Look at the drama above! We are not going into a very ellaborate topic about marriage, which could go on for an hour or more. But for the little space and time limit ahead of us, we are going very brief on it.
As you can interpret the picture above, this mother is not happy about the choice of the man that the daughter wants to marry. She had already set up her heart on the profession that her future-son-In-law should be in. Well, the daugter, who is actually the person that will live with this man untill `death-do-them-part`, has another frame of mind towards marriage. So, the mother will have to compromise with that after she would have come back from her `coma`.
Man and woman should come up with a marriage contract after they would have seriously prayed to God to choose him or her a rightful life partner. I would like to refer to the method adopted by the Church Organization that Mandu is a member. We are taught that a man, when he would have felt led by The Spirit of God to marry, should intensify his prayers for God to show him, or lead him to who his future wife is. First of all, that man must have prepared himself, through the riches of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to be a good husband/man. For how can he look for a good woman to marry, when he himself is not a good person? How can he wish to marry a woman that will make him happy and gives him peace, when he himself is not a peaceful person? God is A PERFECT JUDGE, and it will not portray His True Image if He would join a good and peaceful woman, with a man that will be hurting her all day long after the marriage! God is always a Perfect MATCHER. If He joins a peaceful woman with a terrible man, it could be that, the woman herself has got some other bad character, although looking peaceful in the outside. God gives everybody often, what that person deserves. But for His Mercy, He does at times turn our hurt into gain, either for His glory, or for our good, if we would repent and learn the lesson He expects us to learn from the bad or evil the person had done.
So, after the man in search for a lady to marry would have prayed and God would have shown to him the lady to marry, he has to inform the Ministry(the pastor of the branch church) of his intentions. Our Church Organization strongly advises members to marry from the fold, so that there will be no disunity in their Doctrinal beliefs. For instance, if a man is our member who believes with us that, Sunday is set aside to worship God, and there should be no work outside the pleasure of God done that Day, or if the man should believe that, somebody can live a life free from sin 24/7 through the Power of God that dwells in him/her when his sins were forgiven; but the lady he wants to marry believes not in any of these, because those are not what she is taught in the church organisation she belongs to, don’t you think that is the beginning of their friction in the to-be-marriage? To aviod this, both of them should worship in the same Church, and should both have Jesus in their hearts.
Having said this, God is free to do whatever He wants to do at any given time. So, once in a while, He does point any of our men to a lady who is not from the same Church, for a reason best known to Him. And the marriage sometimes is fruitful and receives God’s blessing.
Now, when the Ministry would have been convinced that the man and the lady are truly right in the sight of God, that is, the man is not a divorcee, nor the woman (for the Bible forbids a divorcee, whose partner is still alive, to remarry. He or she can only re-marry if the other partner is dead), the man can now communicate his intention to the woman. It will then be the woman’s turn to confirm from God if the man is His choice for her. When she is satisfied, both the man and the woman can start courtship, but no sex involved until after their wedding. So, they must try their best to avoid sexual temptation at all times during the courtship. If the lady is the one in our church, and the man is not, the lady must make sure the man assures her that, he has got all that it takes to give her a happy and blessed home, where the fear of God will rule in their hearts and in their home to help each one of them deal with one another in honesty and with respect, until death-do-them-part! If the man comes with such intentions, surely God will reveal to the woman, but the woman has a difficult and long time to pray and find that out.
When all is going in the right direction, they can now fix a date to wed and settle down!! Do your best to acquire God's blessing over your marriage, and if it does not come out much as you expected, your conscience will be free that you laid the foundation RIGHT. And whatever is the situation, God will bring out something BEAUTIFUL out of it for you. God is a PERFECT JUDGE, WE SAY THIS AGAIN, and will NOT punish the righteous with the wicked!
How do you agree to the Doctrine in marriage as practised in the Church Organization where Mandu attends? You don’t have to go through this list one-by- one before you get married, but please ask God to put His fear in your heart and gives you the right attitude and the right intentions of getting married to her, before you ask a lady a hand in marriage, if you want a happy and lasting marriage, and if you want the blessing of God upon you. This applies to the woman too. If your intentions to contract a marriage with the man is not right, or you have no decent manner that constitudes a marriagable status, wait with prayers until God endues you with these. There are so many broken homes nowadays, some just after a few months of their wedding. This is very wrong, and even worse if the divorce or the separation has children involved. To breed a decent and happy communities, father and mother should get involved together in the up-bringging of their God-given children. Godly parents are the people to train their children, both by the godly life the live before the children, and by verberly leading them into doing what is right by the day. Teach them how to talk to God in Heaven. Take them to Church that will help them draw closer to God. Teach them how to respect their elders. Teach them how to live in peace with whoever they come in contact with, and let that begin from their home with their siblings. Restrict them from fighting with their sibling/s, and from frequent and unecessary quarrelling. The perfect way to teach them these, is by the same life you live before them, and by beginning these training as soon as they are born. For instance, if your few-months-old-baby cries all the time with great anger and punches the air with her tiny hands, tap on the hand a little bit and softly put it under control. Continue with that exercise as often as possible, until he grows up to notice that you do not encourage him to grow up with bitterness and rage in his heart. Some totlers are fond of smacking the mum when they are angry. Stop him immediately so that he does not grow up with violent life!
In conclusion, the Bible tells us that we `should train up a child in the way he should go, so that when he is old, he will not depart from it`. Don’t forget, the effective and most rewarding way of training a child(or of being a leader) is, TO FIRST OF ALL HAVE THAT SAME GOOD ATTITUDE IN YOU, DEMONSTRATING THESE BEAUTIFUL CHARACTERS YOU WANT YOUR CHILDREN HAVE, OR THOSE YOU LEAD TO SHOW, BEFORE THEIR EYES. If they fail to do it as you do, they will be guilty of it, but you would have been cleared by God, that you had done what God expected of you. You will not lose your reward here nor in Heaven! Praise God!! Above all, don’t forget THE ARMOR OF PRAYER, SO DO THESE INCLUDING PRAYER.

HIM Comment on Fun No. 6..`The best way to predict the future..`
Now let's talk the language you will understand better. The quote(The best way to predict the future is to creat it) indicates that, everybody has a part to play in order to possess a beautiful future. If you want to acquire knowledge, you have to put yourself through the labour of LEARNING, from lower level to higher institution, and that early, if you want to start making use of it to aspire along with your age. If you have got a vision to be a tradesman and later establish on your own, you start early to prepare for it. So, you see, you can somehow `prophesy` what your future could look like in terms of occupation or employment! Even if it will really not trun out exactly as hoped for, at the least, the knowledge you acquire during and after the training/education, is sure to remain in you for use anytime. Knowledge hardly expires.

Let us look at this in the spiritual sense. The Bible lets us know that, WITHOUT VISION, THE PEOPLE PERISH. What should you hope for in life? The best should be that God, Who sees what is ahead of you even before you were born, should be your GUIDE AND INSTRUCTOR . Your vision then should be that, `whatever comes my way, ALL WILL BE WELL SOONER OR LATER`. God is a PERFECT Guide, and whilst He leads you(if you allow Him to), you cannot go wrong. Sometimes all Satan allows you to see, is all wrong and bad, but if you are sure God is on the LEAD, you can be sure too He knows where your good ending is and when.


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