WOMEN!!! WHAT IF THE FIGHT ABOVE ENDS WITH A LIFE LOST? HAHAH! WHAT A SHAME! Copy men here. An average man is a very light-hearted creature!
ARE YOU WITH ME? DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE PICTURE ABOVE? Relax, let HIM help explain, in case you cant get it at one glance. The two girls in the picture are fighting because they came to know that they are sharing the same man, without the man voluntarily confessing that to any of them. The `strong`, but FOOLISH women left the very person they should fight with, if at all that is a wise thing to do, and fought with the wrong person.
Any reasonable woman would testify with HIM that fighting over a man is an UNWISE THING TO DO. Same applies to men, fighting themselves over a woman. HIM is not speaking this on a Christian point of veiw, but on the point that every human being is given an ability toTHINK, AND THE KNOWLEDGE TO KNOW WHAT IS RIGHT OR WRONG, THEN TO DO THAT WHICH IS RIGHT. In the olden days, when Christainity did not come, God accepted the people who would listen to their consciences, detect from there and knew what was right or was wrong, then DID THAT WHICH THEIR CONSCIENCE TOLD THEM THAT IT WAS RIGHT TO DO. That was all they knew, and if they did that which they knew, they were accepted by God, and are in Paradise now, that's the truth from the Bible. But the problem is, despite the knowledge so abundant and available now, people adamantly still decide to do wrong things, against their consciences, and against the knowledge of the THRUTH that is so abundant now. Well, the Bible says that, man will be JUDGED ACCORDING TO THE THINGS THAT HAVE BEEN REVEALED TO HIM. MAN SHALL BE JUDGED BY GOD ACCORDING TO THE LIGHT OF THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST THAT GOD, IN HIS MERCY, THAT MAN MAY DWELL IN HEAVEN AND NOT IN HELL AT LAST, HAS REVEALED TO MAN. How much do you know today about JESUS Christ, and His death on the tree to bring down SALVATION TO MAN'S ETERNAL SOUL? It is what you know that you will give account for, to God, and it is what you know that you are responsible for, before God. Put into PRACTICE therefore, all that you know now, and what God will bring along your pathway, tomorrow. He will NOT cheat you with the RIGHT REWARD, BUT WILL EVEN GIVE MUCH MORE THAN WHAT YOU DESERVE! Ladies, if you fight to HAVE a man, be prepared to FIGHT ALSO TO KEEP HIM. Remember, even when a man fights with his rivals over a girl, and then wins the girl, he may soon forget how he struggled to get her, but may begin to cheat on her and may even abandon her for a new woman. How much more when he is not even very much interested in you, but you fight to get him? The world is producing so many WAYWARD, IRRESPONSIBLE, SELFISH, SHAMELESS, INCONSISTENT, UNSTABLE, GREEDY, AND HARD TO SATISFY MEN THESE DAYS, SO BE WISER, WOMEN. Some of you are exactly the characters mentioned above about men. No SHAME as a woman, no discreet, no manners, no reasoning abilities on issues to decide on what is good or right to do, even for yourselves, no manners and no thoughts about the FUTURE. But the good news is that, since you are still alive today, God is INVITING you to come to Him, and recieve the BEST out of this life, and most IMPORTANTLY, to spend eternal GLORIOUS life with Him after this few days on earth. PRAY for this.

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