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As you may already know, my name is Mandu Ukpe, the proprietor of Hatifmandu. Please make an effort to have access to my recently written Autobiography and read it. You will know more about my private life, from birth till early adulthood. The Book is called, GRASS BENEATH THE FORCES-part1. You can read it from, Barnes&Noble, ebook Malaysia etc. The first 3 chapters in Amazon is free.  By God’s Grace, the part two of the Book will be out any year from next.

The part1 of the Book will let you know that, I was born a `special child`. Incidents that have been befalling my life up till now prove everyday that God sent me into this wicked world to play a role for His Glory. While I thank Him for such great Opportunity, I must confess that if I were to choose the manner and style of serving God, I would have chosen the straight-forward style of serving Him quietly, but in Holiness, and quietly make my way to Heaven. But God’s choice for me is far beyond that. Like Jeremiah, in the Bible, His choice for me seems to be that of serving Him faithfully in order to live with Him in Heaven at last, and ALSO `WRESTLING` WITH SATAN TO FREE AS MANY SOULS AS POSSIBLE, FROM SATAN’S CREUL BONDAGE.

This is why it seems my sufferings goes beyond the normal Christian sufferings, which the Bible admonishes us to rejoice, if we surfer for Christ’s Sake, because we will also reign with Him, if we suffer for Him. To be specifically called(second-time-calling) to stand in the gap between Satan and a soul in bondage, in order to drag such soul from his hand, into God’s safe Wings, is a dangerous battle, because Satan will be very wroth with such an `intercessor`. To even answer God’s first call of accepting His offer of Salvation for your soul, always meets with Satan’s anger because he has lost on your soul. His pleasure is to keep you under his control and mocks about with you as he wills. So, to see you free, he will try and fights back severely to bring you back on track. His ultimate goal is that you join him at last in the Lake of Fire, where God has planned that he and his wilful followers will end. But you can win him all the time here on earth, and you can win him finally when your life is over on earth. He can miss you in the Fire as you make your way, through Jesus Christ, into Glorious Eternity, IF YOU PUT ON ALL THE Armour that God has provided for you to fight and win Satan. Thank God for these provisions(The Blood of Jesus to wash away your sins and defend your heart from being polluted by sin again, The Word of God in the Bible or from Articles as the one you are reading now, The Spirit of God available for you to invite into your heart and be filled to the overflowing with Him, even your very conscience, if you have not already killed it, and more other things as the Lord will lead you to know, if you are interested to walk with Him). Put them on and conquer Satan, Sin, the flesh, and the world, all the time!

Now, imagine someone having to fight these two phases of Battle mentioned above(answering God’s call and have for his soul, freedom from the yoke of Satan; and answering God’s special Call to act as Jeremiah in the Bible-SENDING OUT GOD'S WARNINGS AND JUDGEMENT TO BACKSLIDING ISREAL OR WORLD)!

Well, in my own case, the two phases of the battle is not even enough. I have an unusual battle to man, in my life, and I have been fighting the past 24 years. The climax of it came this year. Each of these years emerged with extra branches of sub-battle, originated from the `basic` Branch of the original source of the battle. The battle is complicated and very messy with uncontrollable rage of the enemy pouring on me at times. No human being can account for it all, not even those that are in the root of the war they are raging against me. It is only God that knows the in-depth of the battle I have been passing through. But He has `chosen me as an Apple of His Eye`. So be warned, if you are against me. It automatically means you are against God’s HOLY EYE.

But you know one interesting thing my unspeakable battles have brought to me? It has brought to me THE TRUE KNOWLEDGE OF WHO GOD IN HEAVEN REALLY IS! Hallelujah!! Many of the modern Christians do not know Who the God they are trying to worship, really is. The Apostles of old, who determined to face anything including death, instead of letting their God down in their words, acts or thoughts, did know who God is. Any modern Christian, who would deny all pleasures of this world, including his life, if need be, in order to glorify God and brings His pleasure upon His life, he it is that knows who God really is. I can boast in the Blood of Christ that, my unusual path of life that God has designed that I walk through, has gained me a sound knowledge of Who God really is, and by His Grace, it has fortified me too to resolve like the Apostles of old.

The different phases of the different types of battle I have been fighting, puts a leader for itself at each phase. The leader conceives his own reason why such war should be waged against me, and recruits for himself/herself, messengers into such team to pursue me, in order to accomplish their own/Satan’s ambition. Satan promises them things like; riches, fame, promotion and pleasures if they would be in this team and fight to obtain his objective. The team-members, whether they see any good reason to join in the fight or not, blindly fight and pursue me without cause or any wrong that I have done. There are hundreds of such teams against me, believe it or not. They have different reasons for fighting against me, and what they really want to obtain from the fight.

What am I trying to bring out here, you may wonder! But Until you are made to know the ulterous motives of these groups, and how they have failed in achieving them despite all their intense effort all along the years to have their way through, you will not understand what I am talking about. Until you are made to understand and see the weapons that these attackers of the innocent are using to fight this innocent and godly woman, you may not join me to say that, ONLY JEHOVAH GOD, IS THE TRUE GOD TO BE WORSHIPPED, FOR HE ALONE HAS THE POWER TO KEEP HIS OWN FROM THE DESRUCTION OF THE ENEMY! Oh!, these unprofitable warriors for Satan have used all what the world and Satan himself can offer to them in order to fight, obtain their DIFFERENT OBJECTIVES, and win me, but they have not achieved their ultimate goal yet. And for the fact that I know Who God really is, I can assure them that they will not succeed unless they first go to God in prayers and obtain permission from Him for them to succeed. God ONLY HAS THE FINAL SAY AND AUTHORITY IN THIS LIFE AND IN THE LIFE TO COME! OH! PRAISE HIM ALL THE ENDS OF THE EARTH, FOR HE ALONE IS GOD!

The reason I am writing this Article is to SOUND A VITAL WARNING TO ANYBODY THAT HAS ENLISTED HIMSELF OR HERSELF IN THE BATTLE TO FIGHT ME. Satan is against you and your soul to destroy. Resign from his service with immediate effect! Repent, run to God and ask for forgiveness and ask Him for the power to sin no more. He will forgive you if you truly mean it. If He does Forgive you, who am I then to keep your iniquity? I will forgive you because His Spirit will minister into my heart that your fruit, is changed from that of corrupt tree to the fruitful tree of peace and good-deeds. The Spirit of God in you and in me will agree automatically and joins us together. Right now, I may be calling you my friend or my loved-one, when right inside you, you honestly know that you have changed camp to be in the team that is pursuing my life for destruction, or just to hurt me by the day. Bear in mind that God knows you, and `He is the Rewarder of them that diligently seek Him`. If you do not seek Him to bless you, you are seeking/ignoring Him to pour out His anger on you. I tell you, you cannot withstand the anger of God for a day. God told Abraham of old and said, “I will bless them that bless you, and curse them that curse you”. So it is till date. Do not harm a child of God, especially His `Anointed` and think God has forgotten that His child. You will not go scot-free, even though you may be enjoying your `hobby` for a long time now without any adverse effect. But that is what you may think, that no evil has ever happened to you as a result of your evil work. It is a trick from your enemy, the devil. He wants you to go on working evil so much that, when God will visit you with that severe punishment because of how long your evil work has been going on, the sentence will be so heavy on you that,  you will deny God and any chances that would have helped you escape from Satan and from Hell. From the day you started thinking evil about me, and then started putting it into practice little by little, you had started reducing your blessing on earth little by little too, without knowing. Soon, you will realize this, if you have not yet done so. But the good news is that, since you are still alive, there is a better future for you, if you stop right here and repent with bitter tears. You may still lose the good things which your past may have robbed you of, but you can determine not to miss the greatest and best things to come-HEAVEN. Even right here, you can still find God’s favour because you have now chosen to run for Him and be in His TEAM, instead of working for Satan and in his team. I plead with you, fight for the right course with God and His children. I belong to God, and He has His own way of dealing with me if I have done something wrong. Don’t try to take the place of God, it is dangerous. From now on, deal with me as a true friend. Even if you don’t want me for a friend, stop wasting your energy to destroy me, for you will never succeed. God gave life, and it is only Him that can take that life out of man, at the right time. He alone can shorten a man’s life because of the man’s wickedness, or for any other reason best known to Him. He alone can also extend a man’s life from the original time He appointed for that man to live on earth. He did so to Hezekiah in the Bible. Stop fighting a battle that you have already lost, but know it not, if you have been doing so, even in any area of your life. Let God fight for you as the result of you giving your life, heart and your all to Him to manage for you. May God bless your soul as you surrender to Him. AMEN.