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For God so loved the world that he gave His only begotten son  ... .(John 3:16)

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Charity Registration No: 1137656.

I was born into a family that used to call on the Name of God, and our parents made sure they took us to church every Sunday. In fact my father was a Preacher in the church that my siblings and I were brought up, far back in Nigeria. However, none of us in the entire family was living a victorious life over Sin, as the word SALVATION was not common around us. As the result, there were often a lot of problems and up-risings in the family DESPITE THE FACT THAT ALL OF US WERE ACTIVELY INVOLVED IN THE WORK OF GOD IN AND AROUND THE CHURCH. But I still thank God for giving me such parents who, at the lest, introduced me to The God Almighty, and His Son, Jesus Christ when I was still a child!


As I grew up and had to go to Secondary School in a Town far away from my parents, my parents decided that I live there in the School-Boarding-House until I completed my Secondary Education. The School had a visit from a Group of Christians who came to share the Word of God with the Students and Staff alike. They preached to us that A TIME OF JUDGEMENT IS COMING and anyone whose sins are not washed away with The Blood of Jesus will end up in THE LAKE THAT WILL BE BURNING WITH FIRE FOREVER AND EVER. I did not want to go to such Place so I started practicing to do the few good things that the Preacher mentioned in his Sermon. But because I did not have my sins washed away and forgiven by God, and I did not know how to acheive these, I could not stop doing other bad things. Even the few good things that I started to practice, I could not continue for long, I had no Power in me to daily overcome sin. So,  I saw myself plunged back into my full life of Sin, again.


After my Educational Years, I moved to a big City, still in Africa where I got a good job, but yet, I was not  a very happy person because I was still in my Sins. Few years after this, I had an opportunity to come to London where I met a man who proposed to me, and with my acceptance, we went to our parents in Nigeria for the marriage, same year.


Just after our marriage and as soon as we returned from our country where the marriage took place, we encountered some problems that destabilized our lives. But thanks to The God of mercy, that problem helped us to start looking for a church to attend since both of us happened to come from a family that made mention of The Name of God, although denying THE POWER THEREIN. We thought that going to church alone would solve our problems.


Alas! Despite a few different churches we tried, our problem still remained because none of those churches told us how to get rid of our sins, which is the source of many problems in individual lives. Life was very distasteful to me as the problem grew worse.  

 One day, I was invited to The Apostolic Faith Church where I heard from the Preacher that day that, a Sinner is like a troubled sea, and that there is no peace with the wicked(Sinner). Thank God the Message did not end there, the Preacher continued to say that if that sinner would repent of his sins, confessed them to God and asked God to forgive and washed away his sins with The Blood of Jesus Christ His Son, if he believes, God will forgive that sinner, his sins and puts the joy of Freedom from sin in the heart of the person. Since I did not have peace or joy for some time in my life, I decided to try the Preacher’s Recommendations to have joy. I sincerely repented of my sins, confessed them to God and begged Him to forgive all my sins, washing them away with the Blood of His Son Jesus. ONE DAY, HE DID THAT FOR ME, GLORY BE TO HIS NAME! From that day, I SEE MYSELF NOT ABLE TO DO THOSE BAD AND SINFUL THINGS WHICH I USED TO DO WHEN I WAS IN SIN. Praise God! One of those bad things was TELLING LIES. I was so involved in a life of lies that I would not even know when I told a truth. I used to get into troubles because of telling lies. But thanks be to God, since I became a Christian, I have not been able to even force my tongue to utter a single lie, not the one they call white lies, nor the so called black lies. I just cannot tell lies any more. One time, during one of my Employments, I was faced with the decision to tell lies and keep the job I so much liked, or told the truth and lost the job. I decided to please God by maintaining the truth. But to my surprise, God did not let me lose my job because I told the truth. I was on the job for a long time until I voluntarily resigned to look after my young children, planting and pointing their young minds to the way of LIFE IN CHRIST JESUS.


God did not only TAKE AWAY MY SINS, BUT HE TOOK AWAY THE PROBLEM MY HUSBAND AND I HAD BEEN HAVING FOR MANY MONTHS. Today, and  last August, marked our 31 years together, only by the grace of God. PRAISE HIM!


In this Church, I heard about The Second Work Of Grace, which is SANCTIFICATION. I asked God to Sanctify my heart with The Blood of Jesus and to make me holy. God did that for me. I heard also about The Baptism Of The Holy Ghost And Fire (Power to Serve God). God also gave that to me when I asked Him to! Glory be to his Name.

God has not only blessed me spiritually, but He has blessed me physically too. He has given my husband and I four children in the Gospel and helps us to bring them up in the Way of The Lord.  God converted my husband, who was not interested to have his sins washed away as God did for me at the beginning of my Christian life. There is a family alter where we can gather together and pray to The Almighty God. God heals me when I am sick, He provides for my daily needs and He is ever with me in my darkest hours that I experienced in the past few years. He brought me through it all, and He is still working on my remaining challenges of life. The joy of my heart is that, I am getting ready to live with Him in Heaven when my work on earth is over, and I close my eyes in death. My joy knows no boundary when I remember that, He has promised to be with me untill my warfare is over on earth, and He calls me to himself to fight no more battles, but forever be in PEACE with Him, Above!

The Road is not a trouble-free one, but I thank God I can call on Him whenever I have problems, and He is right there with me to solve all of them the way He knows will bring me the best, immediately, sooner or later.


But do you know, I have learnt so many vital Lessons as I journey upward to Heaven. I have learnt that, there is no affliction or persecution that comes to a Child of God, who is Serving God in holiness and in Truth, that is a waste. There are/is a blessing hidden under any such affliction, for that child of God. Each of my challenges in life, hardens my heart against sin and against giving Satan his wishes over me. Each of my tear draws me to God in prayer and the Bible, which help to reveal to me, Who God REALLY IS, and His POWER to keep any determined heart to overcome sin. My daily closer walk with God helps me to discover more of God's Characteristics, which very many Christians are yet to discover. May God help you know more of WHO GOD REALLY IS! If everybody in the whole world would have the TRUE AND FULL KNOWLEDGE OF WHO GOD IS, the world will be a peaceful and joyous place to live in!! And not many people will burn in The everlasting Fire.

If all those who claim to be Christians, would parctice their confession, God would have got for Himself a great Band of Soldiers who would fight against Satan, and free the world from the destruction that Satan is planning for them in The Lake of Fire, where he himself will end. But Jesus is The Light that Lights everyman that comes into this world, so why are so many people still choosing to run in darkness? The answer is in the Bible, as well as the question. The Bible says that men choose darkness because their works are EVIL. Meaning that, they hate Light because they do not want their evil works to be revealed to the eyes on man. Well, whether a sinner likes it or not, sooner or later, his evil deeds and sins shall come to light and be made open. It could even be after his/her death! You can now understand that it is not the fault of God that Truth(the right things to do) is hidden from man, and that is why he is doing wrong, and continues in sin. No, man knows the right from the wrong, but he chooses to do the wrong for his distruction. A time comes when those who are adamant to go on sinning, will not be able to repent again and do the right things. The Bible tells us that, "..and for this cause, God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie;  that they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness (11 THESSALONIANS 3: 11&12)"  How True is every word of God in the Bible!

I proved this verse in the Bible True, during my employment when I was just a young Christian(over 24 years ago). God had been helping me to demonstrate a shinning Christian Life without sin, right before my colleagues and management since I joined the company a good 6 months before then. They had been calling me and refering to me as `THAT CHURCH WOMAN` . An incident happened one day, and most of my colleagues advised me to take a sinful attitude in order to save me from the worse to come. I was to be sacked from that job, because of the mistake I made, which the job-mannual had stated pernalty to be that of dismisal! I was advised to lie and kept the job. Since I had my sins washed away by The Blood of of Jesus, I cannot tell any form of lie up till now. I loved that my job. But since I love Heaven more than anything this nworld can offer me, and the Bible makes it clear that Heaven cannot admit a lier or any sinner, I decided to tell the truth and lost the job. All that contained in the lengthy Report that I wrote about the incident, was true. As a young Christian with less experience then on my way to Heaven, I was sad when one of my colleagues called me STUPID, for rejecting such a simple solution(telling of lies) to keep my job.

But how contrast their criticism was, when after a few months, the management granted me a favour that had never existed in the company since its Establishment more than 50 years before then! I had applied for such favour because of a conflict in my times to attend our Church evening schedules. I was not sure the Management would even listen to me, but I felt led by The Holy Spirit to request for the favour, anyway! It was a shock to me and everyone concerned in the company, when THe Board of Directors of The Establishment, replied me through my Managers, that my request was not only granted, but many other favours that I did not ask for, were added!!

What happened next? I began to hear some wisperings among all the staff within the company saying that, `SHE IS IN LOVE WITH THE GENERAL MANAGER OF THE COMPANY`. I held my peace for few days, thinking that all of them were joking and soon they would stop the dirty joke. But no, they did not, instead, some of the staff went on strike! I jokingly asked my only friend, who was also my colleague but had also begun to act funningly around me, if she believed what people were saying about me. She confirmed she believed, and even said to me if that is not the truth. When I attended Bible Studies in my Church that night after work, I went to the Alter and wept my heart out to God in prayer. I did not know that my Pastor had heard the unusual cry from me that night. He called me to his office after the Bible Studies and asked me if there was a problem. I narrated the story to him, weeping. He asked me, "Is that man(the general manager in my work place) your boyfriend?" It was a question I did not want to even dignify with an answer, but I managed to say, "no!". I told him that, all I had been trying to do since I joined the company, was to PORTRAY THE IMAGE OF CHRIST before the people, but was so disappointed to hear this from their lips. I told our Pastor that I was heartbroken because the Image of God was tarnished by such accusation. The man of God used the wisdom of God to tell me that, once my conscience was/is clear that I have no such illicit relationshiop with the man, I should leave it there and let God defend His Name. I am glad that, although that Pastor is retiring now, I could joke about this with him now. But it was not funny then!

God did defend His Name before these haters of truth. God did that, just after a few months of this accusation. God brought to scene, another situation that mocked my accusers. Praise Him! May His Name be Praised. My God is truly THE DEFENDER TO THE DEFENDLESS!!

May God help you not to be too blinded by sins and unrighteousness, that you begin to adore sins and abomination, instead of good things and a dignified living!. May God help you to choose Light and shun darkness, so that you can see the True Path of True Life and True Joy, to walk through to your eternal destiny in Heaven and not into TORMENT AND DISGRACE. If you must sin against your Creator, The God Almighty, spare your self from a too-embarrasing sins that can bring you down to a zero-man/woman if you are exposed. Especially so with this more growing sin of nowadays-GAY. This is not expected to be mentioned in christiandom, but whatever religion you are, even if you are an athiest, Hatifmandu is begging you seriously, to `CLEAN-UP` our environment, and stop abusing God's Creation and His WISDOM!! God bless you. HIM is truly praying for the whole world and we believe this world can be made, and will be made better despite what is in Satan's mind to do-destroy as many as he can with sorrow and misery and great shame. May you desire in your heart to fulfil the reason God created you for. He Created you and I for His Pleasure-to make Him happy all the time. He has the power to help you fulfil this, only if you desire in your heart to do so. HE Created man to have dominion over all other creation, including animal (read Genesis chapter 1 through 5).

The Bible has warned everybody that ever lived on earth, that, any type of sin-lies, murder, adultery, fornication, hatred, envy homosexuality etc will deny anybody guilty of it, Glorious Eternity with God in Heaven, if he dies with any such sin/sins because he did not repent of it and asked God for forgiveness through The Blood of His Son, Jesus Christ.

The Proprietor of Hatifmandu loves your soul very much, and she wants to share The Kingdom of God with you. Please join her in the battle against sin and Satan. Let Satan lose on you, and let us all win through Jesus Christ, THE SAVIOUR OF THE WORLD WHO SHED HIS BLOOD THAT YOU AND I CAN DEFEAT SATAN, SIN, THE WORLD AND THIS FLESH OF OURS!!. May God shower His blessings upon your body and especially, your soul. AMEN and AMEN.


As I grew up in the Gospel, I appreciate the people of God who have influenced my life so much in a positive way. For this, I praise God too.

This appreciation goes mainly to my good friend and all those, all over the world, who have supported the Plan of God for my life and for His Work in my hand. All of them are a gift from God to me, and without their support, I would honestly not have acheived this far for the Glory of God. They have contributed immensely to the success of this Ministry which God Himself has called me into, the past few years to spread The Gospel Message in an unusual way, which is through this Charity Work. The love of God in my heart for them is genuine and PURE, as they give out their convinience at times to help fulfil the plan of God for my life. I encourage them to continue their good work until God has all His Plans for my life and for His Work, FULFILLED. I earnestly pray God to reward them with whatsoever He knows will give then true peace and joy, and will help them spend an Endless untold joyous Eternity with Him in Heaven after this temporaly life. May God not allow their hearts or minds to be polluted with any unrighteous feellings which is not of God, and at His right time. Please join me to surrender your hearts and minds under the control of God, for His Perfect will to be done in our lives, here, and after here. My prayer for you is this all always.

PRAYER REQUEST IS STILL ON-GOING, But The Rest Of The Services Listed Below, Have Been Suspended For The Mean-Time.

Please Feel Free To Send Us Your Prayer Requests.

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Previous Activitity When We Used To Gather Once A Year For A Brief And Light Celebration and present some gift to our Volunteers and Guests.

mandu1 one last Hatifmandu's new album d

MUSIC: God called Mandu into Music Ministry, as part of her Charity Work to spread The Gosple of Jesus Christ, in 2008.

Her first Production is TITLED, `DON'T DELAY`

Mandu's Second Album, came out  in 2009, Titled: `MERCY FOR YOU`.

All her music are in Cdbaby, cd Universe, Amazon, ITunes, Youtube, Jango Radio, Soundcloud, and a host of others. If you google `Mandu Ukpe` you will see many others that are distibuting Mandu's Music

Her 3rd Album in 2010, Titled: Special Day For God In A Week

Her Christmas Music Came out iin 2012, Titled: ONE OFF MIRRACLE, GOD IN WOMB.






This is a common question that you hear asked from time to time. Sometimes the questioner is sarcastic about it, having already known what the answer would be. But sometimes, the questioner is genuine, and really wants to know who the person is-his or her true identity. Sometimes too, the questioner wants to ease his anger with this question, because he feels the person concerned has lifted up himself/herself higher than he really is. Therefore, the question comes out in a rude and in an insulting manner. The questioner may feel that he is even greater than the person concerned, and that he should be respected by him.


If this question should come to you directly from God, and you are convinced, through The Holy Spirit speaking to you through your conscience, that it is really God speaking to you, WHAT WILL YOUR ANSWER BE?

The first thing you should know is that, God created man and everything that is in the world, including Satan. The second thing you should know is that, God knows the very thing you are thinking of right now, and at all times. He is The Discerner of thoughts and He knows the number of hairs that are on your very head. In short, every man He created stands naked before His Eyes, so you CANNOT HIDE FROM HIS EYES BECAUSE HE SEES YOU EVEN IN THE DARKEST NIGHT.

Having known God a little bit further as briefly illustrated above, WHAT THEN WILL BE YOUR VERY HONEST ANSWER? Supposing you are to be severely punished if the answer you give is later proved to be false, we believe you would not intentionally call to yourself, a deadly punishment by giving false answer. We believe you will tell the truth and perhaps, receive a far lighter punishment, compared to telling lies and receiving a much harder sentence. So, once again we ask you, WHAT WILL BE YOUR ANSWER IF GOD, OR EVEN MAN, SHOULD ASK YOU, `WHO ARE YOU`? SIMILAR QUESTIONS WENT TO OTHERS.

Let’s have a look at people whom God asked similar questions:

The first person the Bible recorded was the first man God created-ADAM. God created Adam after He had made the world and prepared it to satisfy man in every sense. God gave Adan just one instruction to obey. Some Bible students believe that this one instruction was to keep man committed to his Maker, and to make man, a disciplined being. Parents would be much attracted in love to a child that obeys their instructions and listens to them when they speak. We love our friends more when they listen to us, try to keep to our expectations and treat us with respect. It is not only when they say, `I love you` that we believe they do. It is when we observe that what they say is what they put into action, that we believe they truly love us. Jesus told His listeners one day, whilst He was on earth, “if ye love me, keep my commandments”. If you truly love your friend, you will do all you can to avoid bringing grief, shame and disappointment to him/her. So, we join the Bible Students who believe that God gave Adam and Eve this first ever commandment to man, just to `keep them on check` and get them committed in their relationship with God. The commandment that God gave to Adam and Eve was that, they should not eat of the fruit in the midst of the garden. God explained to them what the consequence of disobeying Him would be. He told them that they would die. Adam was created in the Image of God, holy and eternal. He was to live forever and remain holy. But God made it clear to Adam and Eve that they would die, both spiritually and physically, if they disobeyed Him. You just imagine, so many other fruits in the garden to eat, except this one fruit, still Satan lied to them that they would not die if they ate the fruit God forbade them to eat. Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit and DIED AS GOD TOLD THEM. Satan is still lying to people today about the commandments of God, and people are still believing his lies and obeying Satan, rather than believing God and the TRUTH and obeying God. ARE YOU LISTENING TO SATAN AND OBEYING HIS LIES? Well, if you do not run to God for forgiveness and for the ability to obey the TRUTH, you should never rule out the consequences of disobeying God and THE TRUTH HE BRINGS TO YOU ALL THE TIME. Adam and Eve were driven out from the Garden and from all the perfect things of luxury that were in it. They had to go out and faced a deprived condition they were not made to ever go through. Do not trade-in your glory for shame, sorrow and destruction in The Lake of Fire at the end of this world.


God used to go down to the garden of Eden and talked with Adam and Eve, just like friends, and one day of such visits to them, Adam and Eve hid themselves when they heard God coming down to the Garden. They had disobeyed God and had eaten the fruit God warned them not to, so they felt guilty and shameful to see the FACE of God. NO SINNER WILL SEE THE FACE OF GOD. God already knew what they had done, and where they had gone to hide, yet, God called out to them, “where art thou?” Adam answered from his hiding place and said, “I heard thy voice and I hid myself..because I am naked”. Adam was truly naked, but how did he know he was naked? Every sinner definitely knows he has sinned against God, because God has put in every man, a conscience, and the Spirit of God speaks through a sinner’s conscience to warn him against sin, and to condemn him when he has sinned. The problem with man is that they supress The Spirit of Truth Who speaks to them softly, and listens to Satan and his lies, who speaks loudly and makes the lie sound good and easy to obey. If your sins have been forgiven whereby The Spirit of God will find your heart clean enough to dwell in, you will hear and understand His Voice when He speaks to you, no matter how low it sounds. Pray for grace to obey Him always no matter how hard it may be, for there lies your daily victory, even unto glorious Life in Heaven at last.  

God, one time asked pharaoh of Egypt to `Let His people go` from the bondage of slavery that pharaoh put them in, many years. Pharaoh refused, and Egypt was destroyed.

Another king in the bible once boasted of who he was, and God turned him into animal and drove him to live in the bush with animals.

Another king thought God was less than himself, and ordered for God’s holy vessels from His Sanctuary so that he might drink wine with and got them defiled. That very night as he was drinking the wine, God smote him dead.    

Another person refused to go to a city and deliver God’s message of salvation to them. He tried to run away from God’s presence, but God’s Eye was ever on him. Right when he thought he had escaped from his responsibility, God pushed him into a deep sea and he was swallowed up by big fish until he begged God for forgiveness and promised to obey God if He would spare his life. The merciful God heard his prayer and ordered the fish to take him to the land and spat him up, alive.

Jesus asked Saul as he was going about persecuting faithful Christians. Jesus asked him, “Saul, Saul, why hast thou persecutest me?” Saul repented right there and asked Jesus `Lord, what will thou have me to do`? Jesus Told him what He would want him do, and Saul obeyed. From that time until his passing on to glorious Life in Heaven, Saul was made a great man of God, and the bible has no record when Saul ever disobeyed God again. God changed his name to Paul, and the Bible records him as one of the greatest Apostles of THE FAITH.

You can have your name changed today, from sinner to Saint. From liar to Saint. From thief to Saint. From adulterer to Saint. From witch to Saint. From fornicator to Saint. From idolater to Saint. From gay or lesbian, to Saint. From hypocrite to Saint. Of a truth, from any manner of sin, to Saint. You can now be WORTHY to be used of The Holy God to help change someone’s destination from the Everlasting Fire, to a Blessed Destination in The Kingdom of Everlasting Joy with God.


God that has just turned you into Saint, not by force but through your willing choice, is the OWNER OF HEAVEN AND EARTH AND ALL THAT IS THRERIN. He knows about your needs and will be happy to supply you all your needs all through your life on earth until you go to Him after your life here on earth. He can only give you the BEST, and don’t let Satan rob you of greater blessing to follow, by refusing whatever God sees necessary to bring to you. Such a thing may look foolish or undesirable in your eyes, and Satan may urge you to refuse it. Remember, Satan hates you and will do everything to frustrate you into where he too will be thrown into-The Fire of The Wrath of God. So, refuse his `truth` because it not real TRUTH. Refuse his advice, because he is tricking you. Refuse his gifts, because they are sugar-coated and the bitterness or even destruction will soon surface. Refuse the easy life he is pointing you to, because the end of such life is hardship, shame and destruction. The Bible admonishes you to `RESIST THE DEVIL, AND HE WILL FLEE FROM YOU`.

NOW, TO GET YOUR BLESSINGS, BE HONEST TO GIVE THE ANSWER TO GOD AS HE IS ASKING YOU NOW, “….(insert your name here) WHO ARE YOU?” If you are still in your sins, tell him you are a sinner, but that you are now longing for a way out from sin.  If you are truly longing, God will tell you what to do, or send someone to help you. He did similar thing to Cornelius in the Bible. If your sins have already been forgiven, but The Spirit of God is condemning you of one thing or the other-maybe you are not praying seriously enough as you used to do. Be honest to answer and say, I am a lazy man/woman in prayer, but I need help to take up the armour of prayer life seriously once again. Speak the Truth, don’t try to hide from God, because, YOU ARE ALWAYS NAKED IN HIS SIGHT.









The Proprietor of HIM.




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